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Glee // Smooth Criminal

This is me and my friend James singing Glee’s version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal! :D It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but I think it’s still ok - LIKE ANNIE! xD

"This Is My Idea" collab with some friends!

I think this turned out amazingly well! :D I’m singing adult Derek’s part at the end (low much?! Lol)

I would love it if you would watch this! ^^ All the girls did such great job!

But if you don’t, well

Track: Vanessa's song (Swedish)
Artist: aur0rab0realis
Album: The Little Mermaid
Playcount: 200

This is me singing Vanessa’s song from The Little Mermaid in Swedish.

My YouTube account, if you’d like to hear more of me singing.