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The New Girl In Town // Me and my friend Elizabeth singing

Elizabeth is singing as Amber and her friends and I’m singing as the Dynamites! :D Check it out! ^^

I Don’t Know How To Love Him // Me Singing

Here’s another cover I did during the weekend. :) It’s a song from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Jesus Christ Superstar. I realy liked the way this one turned out. ^^ I hope you’ll watch it! <3

I Feel Pretty/Unpretty Duet with my friend Oona

This is me and my friend Oona singing the mashup of West Side Story’s I Feel Pretty and TLC’s hit Unpretty. I’m singing Rachel’s part and Oona is Quinn. ^^

I hope you’ll like it! :D And sorry I haven’t been on tumblr for ages! D: I have so much recording to do lately that I don’t have a lot of free time.

- Aurora

Tangled // Mother Knows Best fandub by me

This is me singing the song “Mother Knows Best” from Tangled! :D I dubbed both Mother Gothel and Rapunzel.

This turned out pretty well and it’s funny, so you should watch it! ;D (Eventhough, I could never compete with the outstanding Donna Murphy!)

I’ve been working on this project for four hours straight with no interruptions, and it’s still not even close to being finished! D:

My eyes are hurting from all the crying! T_T

Also, it’s amazing how the special effexts of that film haven’t realy aged in 15 years! *_* Everything looked so believable, even in 3D!

Thank you for sticking with me! :D My regularly scheduled queue will now take over.

I just finished watching StarKid’s new musical “Holy Musical B@man!”. If you’re not a fan of StarKid, I’m sorry for the upcoming spam of men in tights! :D

This is so confusing! xD So many things to tweak!



Also, I bought new shoes!!! *_*

Track: I'm Still Here
Artist: aur0rab0realis
Album: Treasure Planet
Playcount: 60

This is me singing “I’m Still Here" from "Treasure Planet”.

I can’t upload this to my YouTube account yet, so I thought I’d share it here first. :)

Glee // Smooth Criminal

This is me and my friend James singing Glee’s version of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal! :D It didn’t turn out as well as I’d hoped, but I think it’s still ok - LIKE ANNIE! xD

She’s In Love // Collab with friends

This is me and some of my friends singing She’s In Love form The Little Mermaid Musical! :D I’m both Flounder and Atina in this project. ^^


"This Is My Idea" collab with some friends!

I think this turned out amazingly well! :D I’m singing adult Derek’s part at the end (low much?! Lol)

I would love it if you would watch this! ^^ All the girls did such great job!

But if you don’t, well